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Natalie Çelebi

Choosing Purchase College: A Wise Decision

Natalie Çelebi, ’24 is a senior double majoring in Creative Writing and English and Global Literatures at Purchase College. She has a love for writing and was inspired by her freshman roommate, also a Creative Writing major. She hails from Pittsfield, Massachusetts, and decided to journey to Purchase by a recommendation from someone she admired, the value and the allure of campus.

The Campus Life

When asked about what led her to choose Purchase College, Natalie mentioned the affordability of the institution, in comparison to other schools, played a significant role in her decision-making process. However, it was the campus’s quiet charisma that truly drew her in.

One of her favorite memories is going to the Stood with her friends and being shocked at the lively culture, the students, the music, and the epic proportions the student union had on the campus. She has danced the night away many times with amazing people.

When asked about her time here after almost four years, forging lasting connections with remarkable individuals, Natalie is deeply appreciative of the many professors and staff members who have positively impacted her journey at Purchase College, highlighting:

“Honestly, I am indebted to so many amazing professors— Monica Ferrell and Carlie Hoffman who have supported me intellectually, academically, and personally…Anthony Domestico, who corralled me into the literature major…an amazing lecturer, and a generous mentor… Jill Echo who encouraged me to start dancing again! And to Eileen and Kristen at the library who kept me around for enough time to redeem myself with Excel spreadsheets. And to all of the amazing ladies at the Hub.”

Advice for New Students

For incoming students, Natalie offers valuable advice,

“Put yourself out there! You’ll meet people! And those people will introduce you to other people!”

She encourages them to step out of their comfort zones, get involved in extracurricular activities, and attend campus events like plays, music, and dance shows. She emphasizes the importance of trying classes outside of one’s major to broaden one’s horizons. It was how she discovered her passions and found her community on campus.

Looking Towards the Future

Natalie’s proudest achievement is her ability to help her friends in any way possible. She considers supporting those closest to her to be the greatest form of success.

Looking ahead, Natalie envisions a future filled with travel and the cherished moments she shares with her family and friends. She aspires to live in a bustling city, a stark contrast to her small-town upbringing, and eagerly anticipates the experiences it will offer.

While Natalie is still exploring how she will leave her mark as a future Purchase College alumnus, she expresses her intention to give back to the communities that have given her so much. Her senior project is still a work in progress but she hopes to focus on her poems about the natural world.

In conclusion, Natalie Çelebi’s journey at Purchase College has been marked by a deep passion for writing, an unwavering commitment to personal growth, and a profound appreciation for the community she has found here. As she prepares to graduate, her experiences and contributions will undoubtedly leave a lasting legacy on the campus she has called home as she figures out her destiny.