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Delece Kerr

Fulfilled Checklist

Delece Kerr ’25 who is originally from Southside Jamaica, Queens, NY, felt Purchase College fulfilled her checklist of resources needed for her education- an excellent music program, extracurricular activities, athletics, and the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP). Check, check, and check!

Outside of the Classroom

Besides being a full-time student in the Studio Production, MusB program, and producing music in production studios, Delece has many roles within the Purchase Community. She is an EOP Mentor for the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) and a Residential Assistant in Outback, one of our upper classmen residential halls. She is also Secretary of OAPIA (Organization of African People in the Americas), which is one of the many cultural clubs on campus.

She is also a Purchase Panther athlete and plays defense for the Women’s Lacrosse team and plans on rejoining the this fall season.

Impactful Mentors

Before Delece was officially a Purchase student, she met EOP Counselor, Glorivee “Glory” Rojas during the EOP interview process. Glory was her EOP interviewer and she soon learned that Glory would be her assigned counselor throughout the four year stay at Purchase. Delece frequently visits her to receive assistance to keep her on track with academics matters or just to talk! She highlights that,

“Glory has been very beneficial to me in that sense; plus, she always knows how to keep it real.”

What’s Next After Purchase?

After graduation, Delece plans to continue working on her craft by producing records and collaborating with other musicians.

“I am going to build connections with major producers and other recording artists alike. Whether I am working behind the scenes of hit songs or if I’m the one singing them, my ideas, my hands will be running through the industry undoubtedly.”

She also plans on opening several businesses wants to pay it forward to communities near and dear to her:

“I am going to build studios in the inner-city areas for aspiring musicians that don’t have the resources around them to pursue music, like how it was when I was growing up. I want to create a business that not only gives these young musicians the resources, but also teaches them how to navigate through the world with their talents. Teaching them the business side, the technical side, the skillful side and any other aspect useful to a person pursuing music as a lifetime career.”