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Dayna Blanchard

Finding Your Path

Transitioning to Purchase

Dayna Blanchard ’25, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, with a brief period spent in Virginia, started their first year of college at another institution before learning about Purchase College. They first learned about the institution while working at a summer camp from a colleague and from friends. Although they completed their own research, hearing testimonies from their friends solidified the decision to transfer and major in the English and Global Literatures program.

The Right Environment

Literature and journalism have been a core interest for Dayna from a young age. They heard about the sustenance that the Purchase College’s Humanities department applies towards their academic programs.

“I knew that they had good care for their humanities programs… so I appreciated that people would care about my major. I need teachers who care about what they are teaching me.”

When Dayna arrived at Purchase, they realized that this was the place to flourish.

“I need to be in an environment that inspires me to write and to create. The feedback the teachers gave me here was a genuine interest in my work and progression as a writer… it was real critique.”

Dayna appreciates the professors who’ve been essential to their growth, such as Anthony Domestico, Nina Straus, Kerry Manzo, and Virginia Breen, to name a few. They also acknowledge other Humanities faculty and their “fiery” ability to teach a variety of topics that have been enriching to their education.

“They really work with you on an individual level, which is important when you do the arts; how we work is how we express our individuality. That individuality and encouragement to hear your writer’s voice… is really nice.”

Main Attraction

“Purchase College is a place for everyone,” Dayna states. They appreciate the intimate size of the community and describes the vibe here as “a little zany” and welcoming.

“The Purchase population fit very well with the kind of person that I am, that I am becoming. I like the freedom on the Purchase campus to express and be yourself without really worrying that anyone is getting too much heat of it.”

They also appreciate that Purchase College encourages students to get to know their own community and share their student-led events, which consist of exhibits, shows, and other projects.

Future Plans

After graduation, Dayna plans to pursue a graduate degree and has an interest in delving into editorial work. They completed an internship at the Lesbian Herstory Archives located in Brooklyn, NY and “would like to learn what it takes to be a caretake of history” when working in a museum.

They value the importance of feeling committed to the work that they are doing, and how this will help determine their career path. They also highlight envisioning their future as a fluid journey as the job market continues to change.  They plan to work in journalism, museums, literature, or all three!

As they say, “That’s what I’m hoping to do, carve out a ‘Dayna’ job.”

*Quotes edited for grammar and clarity.