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Financial Information

Program Costs

The cost of a study abroad program varies by the type of program your student is doing, the length, the location and various other factors. The cost sheet associated with each program will provide a detailed breakdown of pricing and expected costs, so be sure to review that with your student. For additional information about the expense of study abroad, please look at the Funding Study Abroad page of this website. On this page, you will also find information about scholarships, grants, and crowdfunding resources.

Payments and Billing

Payments and billing vary by the type of study abroad program your student is doing. Some programs require a deposit, others will not. The deposit amount, when paid may lower the total due on the date indicated for final payment. Bills from the program provider will delineate what the costs cover. The Payments & Billing page explains in more detail the payment structure for each type of program. 

Once a student has committed to a program, some or all of the cost associated with that program may be assessed even if the student withdraws. Refer to the refund policies for a particular program for further information. For Purchase programs, please visit our section on Withdrawal & Refund Policies For Purchase Programs for more information.

Financial Aid

If your student receives any financial aid (loans, wavers, scholarships), they may be able to apply their award to their study abroad program. Our page on Financial Aid provides more information with additional links about how to do this. Ultimately, your student must speak with someone from Student Financial Services to initiate the process to apply their aid package to a study abroad program.