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Withdrawal & Refund Policies for Purchase Programs

Purchase’s withdrawal and refund policies are meant to be fair to students and families but also to also protect the Office for Global Education from being left responsible for unrecoverable funds.

Once accepted to a Purchase program, students receive an Agreement and Acceptance of Risk (AAR) form which details the conditions all participants must adhere to while on a SUNY study abroad program as well as important insurance, financial obligation, and program policy information. In order to signal their commitment to participating in the program, accepted students review, sign, and submit the AAR from to the Office for Global Education.

This form most be submitted prior to the commitment deadline (as outlined in the program acceptance email) in order to reserve their spot on a program. Any student who submits an AAR form and withdraws from the faculty-led program after the commitment deadline date will be charged a $200 program cancellation fee, as well as any other unrecoverable costs already incurred by Purchase College or that Purchase may still be required to pay on the student’s behalf.

If a student withdraws from a program after its starting date, the student should not expect to receive a refund of tuition, program fees or other charges. With written notification, in some instances, health insurance will be refunded. Students may also be obligated to repay any financial aid awards that were received in support of participation in the program.

In the case of Purchase exchange programs, failure to pay all financial obligations to a partner of Purchase may result in those outstanding charges being added to the program charges at Purchase.

If for any reason the Office for Global Education cancels a program, a full refund will be awarded or credited to another eligible program within the same term if so chosen by the student.