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Spring 2023 Moodle Tips for Faculty

Here are some useful Moodle Basics tips for faculty to help you get organized for the new semester!

General Pre-Emergency Planning Tips for Instructors
At the beginning of each semester:

Accessing Purchase College Moodle

Activate your Purchase College account (or to reset your password), if needed. Visit Online Account Activation/Password Reset and choose the appropriate “Activate” or “Reset” option.

Once your Purchase College account is active and working, you will have access to Moodle as well as Purchase College email, MyHeliotrope, Library resources, etc.

Login to Moodle with your Purchase College username (usually firstname.lastname) and your Purchase College account password. Detailed login directions are available at our Moodle Basics help guide.

If you are not yet associated with any course spaces on Moodle, please contact the Office of the Registrar to confirm that you are properly tagged as the instructor of record on your course(s).

Consult the COVID-19 Remote Teaching Resources Guide for information specific to remote instruction.

Review the Remote Teaching Workshop playlist at our TLTC YouTube channel.

Working with Content & Documents in Moodle

Moodle Course Views

Managing Course Participants

If you notice inconsistencies between your schedule / class lists in MyHeliotrope and enrollments in Moodle, you will need to create a ticket using the CTS Helpdesk Work Order System (WOT) to request that data be synced between the two systems. Please see the “My class lists on MyHeliotrope and Moodle don’t match. What should I do?” FAQ.
Please note that the TLTC cannot resolve enrollment issues.

Moodle Course Communication Tools

Creating Moodle Activities & Assignments

Course Content & Accessibility

Improve the overall accessibility of your courses and content for all of your students by using the following tools, which are available to you in Moodle:

  • Ally - Ally is a third-party application accessible through Moodle that helps enhance the usability and accessibility of course documents.
  • Accessibility Starter Toolkit - our current version of Moodle (3.11.x) incorporates the free Brickfield Accessibility Starter Toolkit to help educators create accessible course content. Add the “Accessibility Review” block to your course to access these free accessibility features to begin improving your course. This tool will not only analyze your course documents but also check for accessibility issues with your course layout, images, links, media, tables, and text.

Moodle Gradebook

Updated on Thu, January 19, 2023