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Broadview: A Meeting of the Minds

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Aging Series: A Planned Senior Living And Learning Community Aims For A Meeting Of The Minds

“Senior residential learning communities are a fairly new trend in senior living options in the U.S. So far, the only one in the tristate area will be at SUNY Purchase in Westchester County. Shovels have not yet hit the ground for the on-campus specialized community, but a few of the future residents are already participating in activities and cannot wait for move-in day.

“Broadview – Senior Living at Purchase College, is under development for a 40-acre swath of the campus. The idea is for residents to be intellectually engaged, culturally enriched and participants in intergenerational learning, breaking down stereotypes.

“‘Both Joe and I had wonderful careers, and raised our two kids, and now we have four grandchildren, and we’re very energetic,’ Lynn Halperin says. ‘We do lots and lots of physical things, and the idea, when I start thinking about how old I am, I didn’t want to live in a place where everybody was just watching television all day and sitting in a chair.’”

“That’s Lynn Halperin. She and Dr. Joseph Halperin recently moved from Florida to Ossining, honoring their childrens’ plea for them to be closer. They are what Broadview calls charter members, or future residents.”

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