MFA Requirements | MA/MFA Requirements

    MFA Academic Requirements

The MFA program is designed to be completed in two years with a minimum requirement of 60 graduate credits.

This includes the following requirements:

  • 12 credits of the Graduate Studio Critique,a weekly group critique class
  • 12 credits of Independent Studio work with faculty mentors, including the Capstone in the final semester
  • 6 credits of Professional Practice classes
  • 6 credits of Graduate Critical Topics (theory and criticism)
  • 8 credits of Art History (usually fulfilled as the Graduate Art History Colloquium I & II
  • All remaining credits are completed as Electives.  While these are most commonly “making” classes taken in the School of Art + Design, students are welcome to take classes anywhere at Purchase College. Either they register directly, (in the case of 5000 level classes) or they participate in undergraduate classes as 5000-level Independent Study enrollees, making specific arrangements with faculty to tailor the class to the needs of the student while fulfilling curricular requirements.

First Year: 30-31 credits

Second Year: 30 credits


  1. ARH 5325 and ARH 5326 are required for students who are also enrolled in the art history MA program. Otherwise, MFA students may choose a different graduate art history course in consultation with their faculty advisor.
  2. Students may enroll in ARH 5325 or the graduate art history elective in the fall semester of either their first or second year. ARH 5325 and 5326 may be taken in either order.

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  MA/MFA Academic Requirements

In most cases, obtaining both an MA in art history (through the School of Humanities) and an MFA in visual arts at Purchase College requires three years of in-residence study with a total course load of 98 credits. For successful progress through the program, a 3.0 (B) GPA must be maintained.

First Year: 32 credits

Second Year: 34 credits

Third Year: 32 credits


  1. Students must take VIS 5760/Graduate Critical Topics two times.

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