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Portfolio Visual Arts MFA

 Portfolio Requirements

Your uploaded portfolio must consist of no more than 15 examples of your work. Please upload your images in reverse chronological date order, from your most recently completed work to your earliest work.

  • Label your images: Please list title, media, size dimensions (where applicable) and provide a description for each piece.
  • Detail shots: You may shoot details of particular works if appropriate. Be sure to indicate if an example is a detail shot.
  • Multiple views: You may wish to include more than one image of a sculpture, since a single view may not describe it adequately.

Finalist Interviews

Selected students will be interviewed. Interviews are by invitation only based upon review of the portfolio submitted. Interviews will take place late February to March.

Admission Decisions

Final admission decisions will be delivered in late March to early April. If you are offered admission, you will be asked to submit an enrollment deposit by May 1.

For additional information about the Visual Arts MFA program visit School of Art+Design.