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Academic Support

Purchase College offers an assortment of valuable services for its students through the Office of Science Student Support Services. Students are encouraged to visit this office to obtain information and assistance with tutoring, mentoring, financial aid, or academic advising. 

The Office of Science Student Support Services provides a friendly and welcoming environment—a place for students in the natural and social sciences to go to when they need help. This office offers tutoring and mentoring services to students and provides financial aid information and academic advising. Students are offered the assistance and guidance they need to help them succeed in their academic studies and achieve their career goals.

Located in room 3044 of the Natural Sciences Building, the office is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Students are welcome to visit this office to get information and assistance.

The Office of Science Student Support Services also partners with the Offices of Admissions and the Registrar, and works with the college’s Career Development Center to counsel students on graduate and medical school admissions and provide information on employment opportunities after graduation.

Einstein Corner

Einstein Corner (located in room 3046 of the Natural Sciences Building) provides students with free tutoring assistance in such areas as mathematics, chemistry, biology, and computer science. Tutors undergo a rigorous review process to ensure that they are qualified.

For students majoring in natural science programs who need help to improve academic performance, this is an excellent way to receive guidance. Located in room 3046 of the Natural Sciences Building, the office is open from Monday through Friday. 

Some sessions are available on a walk-in basis. No appointments are necessary! Just check the schedule and stop in when the tutor you need is there.

There are also tutors available for one-on-one sessions. To schedule an appointment, please log-in to our scheduling system here

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While Einstein Corner offers tutoring exclusively for math and science courses, free tutoring for other subjects is also available at the Learning Center. Students can always visit the coordinator of Science Student Support Services in NSC 3044 for assistance.

Mentor Club

The Mentor Club originated in the fall of 2006 and evolved from the peer mentoring program. Through the Mentor Club, students are assigned a peer mentor with whom they meet several times per semester. All Mentor Club students attend bi-weekly meetings, organized by mentors, that involve fun events such as playing games, professional or academic development, volunteering, and (importantly) eating lunch. In addition to the meetings with mentees and the bi-weekly meetings, our peer mentors are well-trained and are required to attend mentoring workshops on a regular basis.

Students interested in participating in the Mentor Club may contact the coordinator of Science Student Support Services.

Tutoring for the Fall 2017 semester has ended. 

Last minute changes to the schedule are posted outside the Einstein Corner or on our Facebook page.

The Einstein Corner will be open for the Spring 2018 semester from January 31 to May 8.