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  • Feb 27
    Photo of Jane Carlton

    Jane Carlton, Ph.D

    Time:  6:00pm—8:00pm

    How the sexually transmitted parasite Trichomonas vaginalis can teach us that not everything happens for a reason

    Dr. Jane Carlton

    Director, Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute, Bloomberg School of Public Health

    Distinguished Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University

  • Apr 27

    42nd Natural and Social Sciences Annual Symposium

    Time:  8:30am—1:00pm

    The symposium provides an opportunity for students to present their senior project research to peers, alumni, family, faculty and members of the community.

    We are delighted to be able to come together to celebrate our students’ accomplishments.

    All are welcome to attend!

  • Mar 20
    Dr. Cary Costello

    Cary Gabriel Costello, Ph.D

    Time:  4:30pm

    Intersex, Irrationality, and Medical Rationalization: Inconsistent Treatments of Children Born With Intermediate Genitalia

    Dr. Cary Gabriel Costello (he or ze)

    Director of LGBTQ+ Studies and Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

    Dr. Costello’s research examines the sociology of the body, with a central focus on the regulation of physical sex