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Humanities Event Request Form

Are you planning an event? Please follow the guidelines below.

First step:

  • Complete Humanities Event Form and submit for approval by Aviva.
  • If bringing a foreign speaker, we must acquire authorization from the Foundation. Please work with Odile on this.

If funding is involved:

  • Secure available funds from appropriate account (TBD with Aviva and Odile).
  • Fill out all paperwork/contracts as necessary (Consult with office to determine necessary paperwork/contracts as necessary).
  • Give paperwork to Odile for processing.

Selecting date:

  • Select date and time to maximize attendance of desired participants.
  • Check for conflicting events on College Calendar, with Humanities BOS, with HUM staff.

Booking space:

Note that some spaces (e.g. rooms in the Library, Neuberger and PAC) must be booked with staff in those locations.


  • Identify and secure necessary equipment and set-up needs.
  • Create work orders as needed for CTS (equipment) and FMG (facilities)
  • Arrange for refreshments, as necessary.


  • Send Leah text and image to build and distribute Broadcast Email (BEM).
    • Please note that all BEMs must obtain approval – a process that can take up to 2 weeks
    • BEMs will be sent two weeks prior and the day of the event
  • Hard copy fliers require approval from the Office of Residential and Student Life.
  • If desired, ask Leah to create hard copy publicity flier based on BEM.
  • If desired, arrange mailing. Please provide Leah with address list.
  • Encourage attendance among your students and colleagues.

Day of:

  • Secure event help from colleagues, students, and/or staff.
  • Assure that set-up is scheduled and completed in a timely fashion.
  • After event, ensure equipment secured or returned.
  • Follow up to ensure payments/honoraria have been received.