The Graphic Design area offers a distinctive program that approaches graphic design as a vital field of professional art practice that gives shape to culture through a wide range of print and digital media. Students learn to solve visual communication problems through critical thinking and the use of words, symbols and images in two-, three-, and four-dimensional manifestations. The program encourages students to see the field of graphic design as an open frame whose applications can be commercial, political, educational, literary, subversive, personal, and experimental.



Student Work Student work courtesy of Warren Lehrer Turning Test
Student Work Student Work Hailee Knadle '18 Letter Press with Professor Leonard Seastone
Student Work Student Work Phil Gibson '16
Rebecca Lown Senior Project "Education of the Designer" Senior Project by Jaysen Henderson '16 Jaysen Henderson '16
Warnken Senior Project Student Work Nick DiChiara '16
Student Work Jenna Josepher Jenna Jospher Type Experiment