This unique and affordable graduate program is designed for individuals exploring entrepreneurial paths in the arts. With a low student/teacher ratio, students work closely with professional faculty in leadership, finance, marketing, law, and strategy.

The entrepreneurship in the arts MA program addresses a critical need for imaginative and skillful leadership in both the commercial and nonprofit arts sectors in the U.S. and in countries that model the U.S. system. Future arts leaders will need to reinvent and create a new landscape. To do this, they will need a solid foundation in management and leadership skills, but will also need to think, act, and work as entrepreneurs. The goal of this degree program is to enable graduates to identify, imagine, and build enterprises that will create and sustain the arts marketplace of tomorrow.

Examples of these enterprises could include organizations that deliver services, companies that build devices, companies that completely reimagine how the arts interact with society, entities with new organizational structures/business models, and even collectives that foster new ways of thinking about the arts disciplines.

Applicants to this MA program are expected to demonstrate marketing experience, either through undergraduate coursework or in employment, upon entry into the program. Previous experience in accounting, either through coursework or employment, is also desirable.