Requirements for the graduate major in entrepreneurship in the arts include 10 courses (30 credits) and a 3-credit master’s thesis, which may be completed in three semesters of full-time study.

Electives in the program may be taken in any semester at no additional cost when attending full-time. Students must earn a minimum 3.0 (B) cumulative GPA at Purchase College. In the final semester, students create a plan for a new business venture in their master’s thesis, the capstone experience.

First Year: 24 credits
Fall:12 credits
AMG 5005/Entrepreneurship in the Arts 3 credits
AMG 5025/Start-Up Capital Formation 3 credits
AMG 5035/Finance for the Arts 3 credits
AMG 5015/Leadership and Management Techniques 3 credits
Spring:12 credits
AMG 5040/Seminar in Arts Entrepreneurship 3 credits
AMG 5060/Digital Marketing and the Arts 3 credits
AMG 5110/Cross-Disciplinary Partnerships in the Arts 3 credits
AMG 5050/Strategic Planning and Evaluation 3 credits
Second Year: 9 credits
Fall:9 credits
AMG 5075/Advanced Capital Formation 3 credits
AMG 5090/Law and the Arts 3 credits
AMG 5150/Enterprise Creation 3 credits

Updates to the 2016–18 Purchase College Catalog:

Effective Fall 2018:

  • AMG 5080/Interdisciplinary Arts is replaced by AMG 5110 (no change in credits).