Requirements for the graduate major in entrepreneurship in the arts include 10 courses (30 credits) and a 3-credit capstone, which may be completed in three semesters of full-time study or 5 semesters of part-time study.

Electives in the program may be taken in any semester at no additional cost when attending full-time. Students must earn a minimum 3.0 (B) cumulative GPA at Purchase College. In the final semester, students create a plan for a new business venture in their master’s thesis, the capstone experience.

First Year: 24 credits

Second Year: 9 credits

*Note: Elective courses include: 

  • AMG 5045/Public Art and Civic Space
  • AMG 5120/Creative Producing Practicum
  • AMG 5420/Exhibition Interpretation: Theories and Practice