Purchase College is committed to creating a safe environment for all members of the campus community.

The College welcomes the participation of guests of the campus community at most events and facilities on the campus.  This policy governs the behavior of guests and the responsibility of campus hosts. 

  • A guest is defined as any person not affiliated with Purchase College.
  • A residential guest is defined is any person, student or guest who is visiting a room/apartment on campus and is not assigned to that particular residential complex room.
  • After quite hours, any person not assigned to a particular residential complex must have an overnight guest pass, including other residential students. 
  • Students may not permit or assist another person to stay in a college facility without appropriate registration.
  • Hosts are responsible for the behavior of their guests at all times. Failure to comply with the guest policy may result in restriction of a resident’s privilege to visit a building or host guests.
  • Hosts must escort their guests at all times.
    • Hosts must ensure that their guest(s) maintain a valid guest pass on their person and present it to any college official who requests it and is acting within their authority.
    • All non-residents (including commuter students) must have a guest pass in order to be present within the on-campus residence halls and apartments; including off campus accommodations. 

Please make sure to review the full Visitor and Guest Policy.