How to Check Out:


  • Pack all your belongings
  • Clean the room/suite/apartment.
  • Lock and close the windows and shut off the lights if you are the last person to leave the room.
  • Proceed to hand in your keys via the express check out process.
  • The RA will assess the condition of your room using the Room Property Report (RPR) that you signed on move-in day once everyone has left the room and checked-out with an express check out envelope.

Express Checkout Envelopes: (All residents will follow an Express Check out Process)

  • It is an expedited check-out. You don’t wait for an RA to inspect your room, instead, you complete the express check out envelope and put your keys inside and seal it up.
  • You will pick up an express check out envelope from the Residence Coordinator or your RA.
  • Pack up your belongings, clean the room and remove all personal items.
  • Place your keys inside the envelope.
  • Fill out the form.
  • Tear the yellow copy and save for your record.
  • Return the express check out envelope to the RA/RC office. The envelopes can be placed in the express check out box located outside of the RA/RC office in your residential area. 
  • Complete your electronic checkout on your Housing Portal.

Make Transportation Arrangements Now:

Don’t wait until the last minute to arrange transportation. Based on your date of departure, make sure to reserve a vehicle that will carry you and all of your personal items. The final dates for departure are Wednesday, May 15th, 2024 at 10 a.m. for non-graduating students and Friday, May 17th at 9 p.m. for all graduating students.

Remove All Items from Your Room:

Make sure to remove all items when you move out – even items that may seem unobtrusive (plastic bags, hangers, cleaning supplies, frozen items, loose change). Basically, if someone brought the item into the room, someone must remove it from the space. It is much easier (and cheaper) for you to remove these items than to have a facilities cleaning crew remove them. You may receive a bill if any items, including small objects, remain in the space. Also, remember to wipe down all spaces, sweep floors, remove all trash and place furniture in its original location.

Reminder: Take out all trash. The most common charges assessed are cleaning and trash removal. Big trash items can be taken to the extra dumpsters that are placed near residential areas.

If you rented a Mirco-Fridge unit from our leasing company, they will contact you directly with cleaning/unthawing instructions. The company will retrieve your unit upon closing.

Be Aware of Improper Check-out, Late, and Overnight Stay Fees:

  • Improper Check-Out - $55. This fee is assessed if you do not complete the Express check-out process properly. (Examples include: Leaving without checking out; leaving your keys in your room or with a roommate)
  • Late Check-Out - $75. This fee is assessed if you or your items are vacated from the hall/apartment after the assigned deadline; this fee is assessed daily.
  • Overnight Check-Out - $150. This fee is billed to students who remain overnight after their specific closing deadline.
  • In order to avoid these fees, you should depart by the assigned deadline. It is also important to note that the graduation status of your roommates have no bearing on your departure time. If you or your items remain after your specific deadline, even if your roommates have permission to remain in the space, you will be billed the applicable fees.

Please note, that from May 15th – June 1st all rooms will receive a visit from the Residential & Student Life staff. If any damages or issues are found in your room that were not present during move-in or marked down on the Room Condition Report available at the beginning of the academic year on MyHelitrope you may be billed. Please feel free to ask your RC about specific check-out questions or concerns.