How to Prepare for Check In:

Pre-Arrival Procedures

  • Prior to move in day, be sure you have access to your MyHelitrope page
  • Sign up for a check in time slot in late July
  • Follow the instructions in your check-in email (Sent to your purchase email in August)
  • Label all items /boxes you are brining with you with your Name, Phone number and Building/Room Number.

Check in Day Procedures

  • Arrive to West 1 and the Performing Arts Center at your designated check in date/time
    • Please do not arrive early or on a date not assigned to you. You will be asked to wait.
  • Proceed to the lower lobby.
  • Check into your housing assignment on your Housing Portal.
  • Pick up and sign for your keys.
  • Head to the designated parking area to unload your belongings.
  • After unloading, move your car to west 2.

Helpful Tips

  • Dress for hot/humid weather.
  • Be prepared for the building you are moving into.
    • Remember, Crossroads, Farside, Central, The Olde, The Commons and Alumni Village do not have elevators.
  • Bring wheels of some sort to help you move belongings, we will not have moving bins available.
  • Don’t overpack.
  • Complete your Electronic Room Condition Report before unpacking your room.

Electronic Room Condition Report

  • Please complete your electronic room condition report once you move in.
  • This will help you avoid damage billing at the end of the year.
  • You will receive instructions on Wednesday, August 21st. 
  • These must be completed by September 6th. After this date it will no longer be available, and you are accepting the condition of your room as noted on the form.