Summer Housing

Summer housing is now closed for 2018.

All summer housing this year will take place within the Commons apartment community. Summer housing is restricted to only those students that are enrolled in summer school, or are working for an approved Purchase College office. All students that are working for a Purchase College office must be approved by that office. Requests for summer housing for these summer student workers must be submitted by the Purchase College office and not the student.  Summer housing occupancy periods may be subject to change by the College based on unforeseen alterations in the summer calendar or for other reasons such as facility related projects.

If a student is enrolled in summer school, they may only be assigned to summer housing during the summer session for which they are enrolled.

Summer school session periods are as follows:

  • Session 1: June 4 – June 29
  • Session 2: June 4 – July 27
  • Session 3: July 2 – July 27
  • Whole Summer: June 4 – July 27

Those students that are approved summer workers may only be assigned to summer housing during the time period that has been approved for the student to work for a Purchase College office. Approved assignment dates are communicated to these students in a separate summer assignment notice.

All students that are assigned to summer housing must agree to the terms located in the Summer Housing Agreement.