What will determine when I can select housing? 

Room selection is based on current class status and completed credits. You will receive a specific day and time to select based on current class status and completed credits.

I want to live in a gender inclusive space. How do I make that happen?

When you completed your housing application, you answered questions about which gender type of housing you feel comfortable living in. During the room selection process, you will only see rooms that correspond with the living environment that you indicated being comfortable living in.  If you are unsure of how you answered these questions or want to change your answers, you have until March 15th to make changes on your housing portal. Please keep in mind these questions will determine which spaces are available for you. Once you have selected a room, all choices are final. 

I want my friend to live in the space I selected but someone else has taken that space. How can I kick them out so that my friend can pick it when their time comes?

You can’t. If our office see’s or receives information that students are trying to hold spaces by harassing other students not to pick the space, the students harassing will be removed from the selected space. The Office of Residential & Student Life has no tolerance for any bullying or harassment of any student. If students agree to a room swap, our office will review requests after the room selection process is completed (April 6th).

I am matched in a roommate group. When will our group get to pick housing? 

If you are matched up with other students, remember that it will go by lowest class rank. For example, if you are a senior who has 94 credits and your friend is a junior who has 84 credits, you will not be able to select until the second day of housing selection on the junior (60-89 completed credit) day. You can remove the person you are matched with at any time. It’s your choice on selecting on the day you qualify for or waiting for a friend with lower credits and selecting a room with them at a later time. If you select without them, you are taking a chance on the other spaces in the apartment/room filling up with other students. You cannot save or hold spaces for friends with a later selection time.

I was able to pull in my friend before they were eligible to select housing. Can they stay in the space? 

No. Mistakes happen and our system is not perfect. If a student with a lower amount of credits gets pulled into a room before they are eligible to select they will be removed from the room, receive an e-mail about the removal, and added back into the selection for the correct day they are supposed to pick.

I have selected my roommate group. Does this mean we will automatically live together? 

Not necessarily. Just because you are matched with a friend or group prior to room selection does not guarantee you will be living together. During the selection process it may not be possible or there may not be spaces remaining that can house all members of your group. In that case, roommate groups would split up. Until you receive a confirmation e-mail sent to your purchase account that your housing selection has been made, you have not secured a room. 

If I am in a matched roommate group, do we all have to select housing? 

Students matched in groups, once you all qualify to select, one person can log in and select for the entire group. Make sure you are all in agreement as decisions are final.

I just realized I selected the wrong housing. Can I change my selection? 

No. Your selection is final. We are unable to make changes during the live room selection process. Be careful before selecting a space. If you have more credits than your friends and are selecting on Day 1 and the other spaces fill up with other students, we will not remove your assignment so you can select on a different day.

I’ve paid my deposit and completed my RLA but my housing portal still says that I’m not eligible to participate in any upcoming housing selection process. Help! 

The system will state you are not set to participate in any upcoming selection until the day before you are eligible. If you log into your housing portal page the day before your housing selection, you will be able to view your housing selection date and time slot.  Again, you may receive a time slot but if matched up with a student with lower credits you will not be able to select until they qualify.

My class can begin room selection at 9:30 a.m. but my time isn’t until 2:16. Why?

You are assigned a specific time during the selection. Just because the selection begins at 9:30am does not mean you can log in at 9:30am. You will see a specific time within the selection day that is your selection time. Times are based on current class status and times are randomized. The system will give students time to select a room without too many people being live in the system. Time slots on the day you qualify will be randomized. You cannot make a selection until your time slot, if you log in at 9:30am but were scheduled a 2:05 pm time slot, you cannot select until 2:05pm.

I missed my selection time slot. What can I do?

If you miss your time slot, you can still log in up until 11:59 pm to make a selection. At 11:59 pm, the selection will close for the day. You may be waiting to select at a later date with a friend which is fine. You will receive an e-mail if you missed your selection date informing you that you have been added to the next selection date.

I can’t select until day 3 because I am a sophomore. How will I know what’s available? 

We will send out an occupancy report after each selection (the next day) to the students who have not selected a space so you know what is still available and you can plan your selection accordingly. This will help prepare your selection and also come up with a backup plan if it looks like your first choice may not be available by the time you select.

Where will I receive more information about room selection?

Please stay tuned to your Purchase College e-mail and our website for more information about the upcoming housing selection process.