No Contact Orders differ from court imposed restraining/protective orders and do not guarantee that parties will avoid sightings,  passing interactions or being in common location at the same time at a given time. 

Requesting a No Contact Order:

A No Contact Order (NCO) may be issued after a No Contact Order Request Form is received by the Office of Community Standards.  NCOs may be issued for the following: harassment, threats, physical assault, stalking, domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, retaliation or intimidation, or other behavior as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct.

Once submitted, the Director for the Office of Community Standards and/or designee will review the request form appropriately. A determination will be made regarding the issuance of a No Contact Order and the appropriate party/ies will be made aware via their Purchase College email address. The Office reserves the right to request for more information regarding a form submitted. Additionally, the Office is able to deny any request submitted should it not meet the threshold as defined in our policies.

The Office of Community Standards is not a confidential resource, in turn,  it may forward any request(s) submitted to the appropriate office for outreach to the student(s). Offices, such as the campus advocacy services at the Counseling and Behavioral Health Services or the Office of Diversity and Compliance may perform outreach to the student(s) identified on any form.

No Contact Orders (NCO) and Housing:

  • Per the Office of Residential and Student Life, if a No Contact Order is issued between roommates/suitemates/apartment-mates, both parties will be moved.  There will be situations where certain accommodations or spacing issues will not allow for student moves to occur.  The Office of Residential and Student Life will evaluate and decide the final outcome/relocation at its discretion.

No Contact Orders (NCO) and Alleged Violations of Sexual and Interpersonal Violence Policy:

What happens if my No Contact Order (NCO) request is denied: 

  • For matters associated with a roommate/suitemate/apartment -mates, please contact the Office of Residential and Student Life, specifically your direct Resident Assistant (RA) and/or Residence Coordinator (RC). 
  • Connect with staff in Counseling and Behavioral Health Services by calling 914-251-6390. The staff at Counseling and Behavioral Health services is a confidential resource on campus.
  • If issue persists or escalates, please submit a new request.
  • If an immediate emergency situation occurs, please call the Resident Assistant (RA) on call or Un iversity Police at 914-251-6911 . 

Any student that has a No Contact Order (NCO) can:

  • request to challenge the application of a No Contact Order (NCO) by providing information/evidence to support that the order should not be in place,
  • provide information/evidence that supports an alteration or modification of the No Contact Order,
  • present information/evidence that supports that the No Contact Order should remain in place.

A violation of a No Contact Order (NCO) should be reported to either the Office of Community Standards, Office of Residential and Student Life, or University Police. A violation of a No Contact Order is subject to disciplinary action.

If you have questions, or wish to have a review of the No Contact Order process, please contact the Office of Community Standards at