Records and confidentiality of disciplinary actions

  1. Records (written only) of all disciplinary actions shall be maintained in the student’s personnel record located in the Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs.
  2. All records are considered confidential and, as such, are fully protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA). 
  3. The college will make an audio recording of a disciplinary hearing. Students involved in the hearing may listen to these recordings in a college location designated by the conduct officer. The college is not required to make copies of the tape for the student or to provide a written transcript of the hearing. The college will review any requests where circumstances may make it impractical for the student to listen to the tape at the college in order to determine if a copy of the tape will be provided to the student.
  4. Hearings are confidential and closed except to the accused student(s), the support person chosen by the accused, witnesses (including the reporter/ complainant of sexual/physical aggressive/violent behavior), and others as approved by the conduct officer/Hearing committee conducting the hearing.