Records and confidentiality of disciplinary actions

  1. Records of all disciplinary actions are educational records maintained in the Office of Community Standards.
  2. Office of Community Standards considers all records as confidential and, as such, are fully protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) and other applicable federal and state laws.  Student records will not be release to external parties without written permission from the student unless required by law.  
  3. Disciplinary records are retained in accordance with SUNY Record Retention Policy.  However, if a student’s applied sanction is residence suspension, suspension, or expulsion, records will be maintained indefinitely. 
  4. Disciplinary hearings are audio recorded. Students involved in the hearing may listen to these audio recordings in a location designated by the Office of Community Standards.  The college is not required to provide copies or transcripts of hearings.  Upon written request, the office will review such requests and at their discretion make a decision.   The requesting party will be notified via their Purchase College email of the decision.  The request must include the extenuating circumstances that impede the student’s ability to listen to the recording as arranged by the Office of Community Standards. 
  5. Hearings are confidential and closed except to the accused student(s), complainant(s), advisor of choice, witnesses, and others as approved by the Office of Community Standards.
  6. Transcript notations are imposed as required by state and/or federal law as outlined on the College’s Transcript Notation page.