The Director for Community Standards and/or Conduct Officer

The Director for Community Standards and/or Conduct Officer has operational responsibility for the coordination and implementation of all aspects of the Student Code of Conduct and related policies.  Additionally, as decision makers, they have jurisdiction over selected cases arising from the alleged violation of nonacademic policy, specifically the Student Code of Conduct, and serve as hearing officers in Administrative Hearings during all breaks in the academic calendar.

Decision Makers

Designated and trained student, staff and faculty members may serve as decision makers in cases arising of alleged violations of the Student Code of Conduct. When designated (as per procedures and board composition) these individuals have jurisdiction for all cases except those involving academic dishonesty.

  • Level I authority: reprimand, residence probation, and disciplinary probation (Residence Coordinators)
  • Level II authority: reprimand, residence probation, disciplinary probation, residence suspension (Assistant Directors in Office of Residential and Student Life)
  • Level III authority: all above mentioned sanctions suspension and expulsion (Director for Community Standards, Conduct Officer, Assistant Directors for Residential and Student Life, and any other specifically trained staff, student, or faculty serving in a hearing body as a Committee Hearing members (student, faculty, staff) or Administrative Hearing officer (faculty and staff only). 

Appeal Board

The  Appeal Board is a three (3) person panel comprised of one (1) faculty member, one (1) staff member, and one (1) student. All individuals are appropriately trained on processes and procedures.  The Appeal Board reviews all appeals, for specified grounds only, of disciplinary decisions rendered decision makers.