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Hernan Checchi ’19

Hernan Checchi ’19 has the role of Experienced Associate, Economic & Valuation Services at KPMG.


Checchi earned an MBA in Managerial Analytics with distinction from Mercy College.

Checchi is a doctoral candidate working toward a Doctor of Business Administration, Finance at Sacred Heart University.

Checchi’ dissertation topic, The Impact of Renewable Energy Adoption on Housing Prices in the US, “reveals a direct correlation between solar energy usage and housing prices. The research offers significant insights for policymakers, investors, and ESG firms, further guiding strategic decisions in sustainable energy landscapes.”

Additional research areas include:

  • Profitability and Growth Among Developing Countries
  • Future Forecasting of Hyped Cryptocurrencies
  • The Impact of COVID-19 and Government Response on the Stability of Global Financial Markets