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Lynn (Qingmao) Lin ’14

Lynn Lin ’14 serves on a Finance and Accounting team that supports the CEO and CFO of the investment firm Citadel.

Arriving in the US from China as an au pair, Lin recalls living in Tarrytown and commuting to campus two hours each way by bus, which allowed her plenty of time to read and improve her English. Not entirely sure what Economics was, she soon “adopted an economics way of thinking” and wrote her senior project on the pricing strategy of Apple products in different markets.

Also graduating summa cum laude, Lin attended Baruch College’s Zicklin School of Business, where she earned a MA in Accounting. But her experiences have pushed her to move beyond the numbers, as she “wants to understand why we do what we do.” She’s now attending NYU to earn an MBA, sponsored by Citadel.

At Purchase, Lin belonged to the Economics and Investment Analysis Clubs.