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Mennefer Blue ’20

Mennefer Blue ’20 is currently a research assistant in the Opioid Use Disorder Treatment Fellowship ECHO® Program at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago.

At Purchase, Blue’s research interests included understanding the causes of sexual violence and developing appropriate interventions to reduce it. She worked with Associate Professor of Psychology Yanine Hess on a research project focused on intrapersonal and interpersonal responses to social rejection.

Blue worked in the summer at the University of Michigan in Dr. Ethan Kross’s lab on a research project focusing on how knowledge about the duration of a painful or unpleasant experience can affect emotions during such an experience.

For her senior project, she worked with Lecturer Christopher Williams, PhD, MPH, examining the cognitive underpinnings of individuals’ objectification of sexualized women and investigating the correlation between this tendency and predictors of sexual violence.

She presented her research at the Association for Psychological Science (APS) Convention in May 2019 (below).

Blue served as a learning assistant for Research Methods I, a tutor at the Einstein Corner, and the president of the Psychology Club.

Mennefer Blue '20 presented at the Association for Psychological Science (APS) Convention in ...

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