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Stay Connected by Getting Involved

Don’t let your study abroad experience end when you return to campus!

Continue to develop your cross-cultural skills and knowledge by staying connected to other students who studied away and by getting involved with globally-focused organizations, programming, and events on campus.

You may feel that your time away from campus flew by, but there are a number of ways you can stay connected to your experience and continue reaping the benefits of the skills and knowledge you gained. Here are just a few suggestions.

  • Attend OGE’s welcome back event and check the college calendar for additional OGE events.
  • Become a Global Ambassador to support international students during orientation.
  • Intern with OGE and earn credit while gaining valuable job skills.
  • Apply to work at OGE as a student intern. Jobs are listed on the Career Development Center’s JobScore Page.
  • Share your experience with your Purchase peers by volunteering at an event, creating a short video of your trip or a specific topic, sharing photos, or writing a guest post for our website.
  • Enroll in a course related to your host country or region.
  • Enroll in a language course to maintain your verbal, listening and writing skills.
  • Join a relevant student organization. There are many student clubs and organizations on campus where you can connect with like-minded peers around culture, language, and other international topics. Use Pantherlink to search organizations, find meeting times & locations, communicate with members, meet the leadership teams, and find out about events.
  • Make new friends who have had similar experiences. By finding someone who may have recently had similar experiences, you share a common language about your experience and how this affected you.
  • Participate in an activity sponsored by the Multicultural Center.
  • Join a language conversation group.
  • Engage with media from your host country.
  • Keep in touch with friends you made abroad. They too may be going through similar frustrations and can likely provide support and perspective.
  • Consider returning to your host country.