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Eric Lima ’94

Eric Lima, PhD, is professor of mechanical engineering and director of The Open-Source Hardware Laboratory

Lima received his doctorate in Biomedical Engineering in 2008 from Columbia University. His research focused on the regeneration of cartilage and bone using living cells. He built custom-designed bioreactors for orthopedic applications.

His research on microbubbles was published in the scientific journal Acta Biomaterialia. He, along with several authors, wrote “Microbubbles as Biocompatible Porogens for Hydrogel Scaffolds.” The work is on increasing the availability of nutrients to cells that are embedded in a biocompatible gel.

At Cooper Union he continues his tissue engineering research while bringing hands-on teaching and design expertise to the classroom.

Lima teaches basic design classes that utilize milling machines, welders, lathes, and other large equipment. He is active in the open-source hardware community and is building a library of open-source designs for equipment used in a laboratory.