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Health Insurance

SUNY requires that all students maintain a high level of medical insurance coverage while abroad. Once the program fee is paid in full, Purchase students participating in any Purchase College sponsored study abroad program will be enrolled in the SUNY international comprehensive health insurance policy, United Healthcare. This is available for SUNY programs specifically, therefore students going on other SUNY and SUNY-approved programs can opt for this insurance as well.

Please note that the international health insurance policy becomes effective once your student is abroad, it does not cover any medical expenses in the U.S. To avoid any gaps in coverage, make sure your student is covered by a domestic health insurance until their date of departure from the U.S.

For more detailed information on health insurance, please see the Health Insurance page under the Accepted Students section of this website.

Travel Insurance

Once a student has committed to a program, some or all of the cost associated with that program may be assessed even if the student withdraws (for Purchase programs, please visit our section on Withdrawal and Refund Policies for Purchase Programs; for non-Purchase programs refer to that program’s refund policies for further information). Because of this, students are highly encouraged to purchase on their own individual trip insurance to cover unforeseen events that would prevent a student from participating fully in the program (for things like student/immediate family members sudden health issues or change in financial situations; please consult with the insurer you have chosen regarding coverage).