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Jesse Thomas ’06

Jesse Thomas ’06 is director, impact and mobilization at Bully Pulpit Interactive.

Over the past 12 years Jesse has honed his skills in political campaigning, public affairs, digital marketing, and technology at the highest levels of national politics. He has built products and programs that have raised millions of dollars, mobilized millions of voters, and helped to flip key districts from red to blue.

A veteran of both of President Obama’s winning campaigns, Jesse built turnout operations both on the ground as a Regional Field Director in 2008 and over the internet in 2012 where his digital programs and products helped over 1.5 million swing state users register to vote.

Most recently Jesse served as the Acting CEO at Crowdpac where he built products that helped hundreds of first time candidates, including several new members of congress, raise their earliest money online. The tools he pioneered helped activists raise over $4 million for Susan Collins’ future Democratic challenger in a matter of weeks, earning over $3 million in media along the way.

Jesse is a creative strategist and storyteller and has written and run dozens of high impact digital and television ads nationwide and in-district during his time as Digital Director for NextGen Climate and as an independent consultant to groups like Ady Barkan’s Be A Hero.

Jesse is also an accomplished digital marketer with experience managing multi-million dollar ad spends and campaigns on behalf of USAID, NextGen, Be A Hero, allies of the Obama White House, and various independent expenditure campaigns at the state and national levels. At NextGen Climate he was an early champion of digital first campaigning and set the digital investment standard for many campaigns to come.