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Joshua Eric Rusinov

Fen - A Final GoodbyeFen - A Final Goodbye Credit: Zoe Markwalter

Hello, thank you for visiting my page!

My name is Joshua Eric Rusinov. I am a Lighting Designer & Theatrical Technician in the NYC Area.

I initially began pursuing a career in Mathematics at Wayne State University. But after being reminded of my true passion for theater and the love I have for what I do I switched into a Design and Production major.

After experiencing a full sophomore year at Wayne I applied, was admitted to, and transferred as a sophomore to Purchase College, SUNY, where I have recently graduated, earning a B.F.A. in Theatre Design/Technology with a concentration in lighting design and technical direction.

Lighting Design


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Fen - In the Shadow of the FieldFen - In the Shadow of the Field Credit: Ryan Dziedziech

Unique Challenges/Elements
      • This production of Fen was done in a 35’ by 50’ by 20’ black box.
      • This theater contains a complete wire-rope tension grid
      • The main scenic element was a large stage deck made of real dirt that needed to be sprayed with water and alcohol nightly
        • This created challenges with:
          • Units or Equipment installed in and around the dirt
          • Power management and planning
          • The focusing of units above the stage
      • The other large scenic elements were 2 large mirror walls on SL & SR, this created a lot of room for experimentation with light reflection
Production Credits
      • Director: Christopher McCann

      • Lighting Designer: Joshua Eric Rusinov

      • Scenic Designer: Ryan Dziedziech

      • Costume Designer: Tessa Pilon

      • Sound Designer: Keaton Kominsky

      • Technical Director: Colin Nickel

      • Production Stage Manager: Kori Broadnax

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Technical Direction


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The Wolves

Production Carpenter

The Wolves - Ready to PlayThe Wolves - Ready to Play Credit: Zoe Markwalter

Unique Challenges/Elements
      • Opened a new 35’ x 50’ Blackbox theater
      • Required a full survey. As well as the creation of a “As-Built” recreation in multiple drafting platforms.
      • Discovered the operational pros/cons of the theater’s seating equipment
      • This show was given a $5,000 scenic budget.
      • Installed a 12’ by 16’ glass wall
      • Installed a mirrored wall of turf,
      • Layed and maintained a turf field.
      • The Theater was used in a Runway setup.
Production Credits
      • Director: Sarah Elizabeth Wansley
      • Scenic Designers: Franny Sebastiano
      • Lighting Designer: Steven Zhang
      • Sound Designer: Nina Field
      • Costume Designer: Kylie Madden
      • Technical Director: Amber Hennes
      • Production Carpenter: Joshua Eric Rusinov

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Production Resource Group (2019)

Variable Speed Chain Motor AssemblyVariable Speed Chain Motor Assembly

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My Website

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