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Moodle to D2L Brightspace Migration Updates

Stay informed about the upcoming Moodle to D2L Brightspace Migration!

Moodle to Brightspace Migration Updates Page

The Moodle to Brightspace Migration page, updated monthly, provides brief updates on Purchase’s planning, progress, and eventual migration from Moodle to D2L Brightspace, and will include information about upcoming training opportunities, timelines, Brightspace Core features, third-party tools, and more. Please be sure to bookmark the page and check back often.

SUNY DLE Brightspace Trainers Fireside Chats

Join SUNY colleagues from all over the state at an upcoming SUNY DLE Brightspace Fireside Chat!

These informal sessions will provide an overview of the training plans, introduce participants to the training team, showcase Brightspace tools and features, and provide an opportunity for participants to submit questions and suggestions to be addressed at subsequent fireside chats.  

Register for Brightspace Fireside Chats

SUNY DLE Fireside Chat