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backstory: Being experimental

One of the most interesting things that is coming out of our remote work for the museum is the way in which it allows a new perspective, putting us in the position to think quite experimentally about what we do and how we do it.

And I think that many of the experiments will stick, like some of the webinars many of you are attending. What we’re also seeing is participation increasing in unexpected ways. People from around the country and even around the world are “zooming” in to see what we are doing. This is very exciting for us and I am hopeful that we can find ways to keep producing content for these new audiences as well as for you, our mainstay supporters. More about this over the coming months.

Tracy Fitzpatrick
Neuberger Museum of Art


P.S. And speaking of experimentation, if you couldn’t see the Inside the NEU-LIVE! screening earlier today, you can watch the Lesley Dill documentary, We Are Animals of Language, on Vimeo.