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Spring 2021 Opportunity: Improve your accessibility skills with Deque training FREE

SUNY has arranged for training with Deque University through May of 2021. 

This self-paced training appeals to a wide range of technical abilities. The curriculum covers introductory material, web accessibility, mobile apps, creating accessible documents, multimedia, forms, testing, and customer service/etiquette, etc. We recommend you begin with the “Accessibility Fundamentals” module to get started.

Successful completion of a course quiz yields a certificate which can be useful in the review process as well as for students entering the marketplace. The costs for this training are completely covered by SUNY.

To request access, please place a Work Order Request and choose Deque in the dropdown menu under Problem Type.

For questions about Deque training or for further information, contact Rebecca Oling, Interim Director of Digital Accessibility.