Fall Application by January 24, 2020
    Slideroom Submission by January 24, 2020

    Early Action: Not Available
    Spring: Not Available

Applicants must submit the portfolio online in SlideRoom.There is a $10 portfolio submission fee payable online in SlideRoom. Applicants should upload media files as outlined below. For information about acceptable media files and sizes please go to File Sizes and Types in SlideRoom. 

The portfolio must consist of the following:

  • An essay (1.5 pages, typewritten and single-spaced) explaining your prior experience making art and why you wish to come to Purchase College for Film Production.
  • Up to ten samples of any substantial artwork (film, video, screen or creative writing, photography, sculpture, painting, music, etc.) that shows a serious commitment to making art. (If you submit a video, please also submit a statement/resume describing your role in the production of your video.)

DO NOT mail a portfolio to the Office of Admissions. Portfolios sent to Admissions will be discarded and the application may be withdrawn from consideration.

Note: For the review committee, the essay and portfolio are a critical aspect of the initial screening process. Your best intellectual and creative effort should be demonstrated in both of these materials. Your essay might include a description of yourself, a discussion of why you want to make films, and include any experience you’ve had that supports or prompts your choice.

Because of time constraints in reviewing a large number of portfolios, it is best to send only your best work.

Invitational Interview

Interviews are not automatically granted to Film Program applicants. Only qualified candidates will be invited to campus for an interview. Those students invited for an interview will be notified via e-mail and will be required to register for an interview date and time in our SlideRoom portal and pay the $46 non-refundable interview fee plus the $5 SlideRoom fee ($51 total). Invited candidates should bring additional portfolio materials (e.g. slides, scripts, films, artwork) that show their best work.

For additional information about the Film BFA program visit the School of Film & Media Studies.