• Deadlines

    Application: Extended to February 5, 2021

    Round 1 Pre-screening Video: Extended to February 8, 2021

    Round 2 Appointments Available for Booking: TBD

    Round 2 Dates: February 13, February 17, February 27, and March 3

    Application Requirements

    Live Audition Dates (By Invitation Only)

    Admission to the Conservatory of Dance is highly competitive. Acceptance is based primarily on your dance audition, demonstrating:

    • Extensive prior training in modern, contemporary, and/or classical ballet
    • Serious commitment to dance training and a career in the professional dance field
    • Talent and potential as a performer
    • Musicality

    The following requirements are for US applicants and international applicants.

    Application and Round 1 Pre-screening Instructions

    To register for a virtual audition, you must first apply to the college for the BFA Dance program as well as submit a pre-screening video.

    Only applicants to the college for the BFA Dance program will be able to register for a virtual audition. Please note: virtual audition registration is not yet available.

    Applicants will be emailed the virtual audition registration instructions after the pre-screening round is complete (after February 1). The non-refundable audition fee of $65 must be submitted online at the time of your pre-screening submissions.

    What to Include in Your Round 1 Pre-screening Video

    The pre-screening portion of the dance audition should consist of:

    • A ballet class
    • Modern/contemporary exercises and combinations in the center and across the floor
    • A ballet and a modern/contemporary phrase that will be shared with you via the student application portal.

    Your pre-screening audition should not exceed 20 minutes.

    Pre-screening Tips

    • While we are not expecting you to submit a professional quality video, we must be able to see you clearly.
    • Clothing should contrast with the filming environment so that you stand out from the background. We recommend wearing a unitard; tights and a fitted top; or a leotard that enables you to move freely and enables the viewer to assess your technique. Hair must be off your face, eyes, and neck. Ballet class requires ballet slippers. Modern/contemporary class is barefoot.
    • Avoid placing yourself in front of a strong light source and choose a space with minimal visual distractions for the viewer.
    • The frame of the video should show the full body throughout and not include any dancers other than the applicant.
    • If you plan to use a phone, please hold the phone horizontally to ensure that the view is as wide and clear as possible.

    Your solo needs to be filmed as one continuous shot. Each ballet and modern exercise needs to be filmed as one continuous shot.

    Please submit your video with sections arranged in the following order:

    1) Introduction

    A brief close-up shot of your face. State your name, current city, and country of residence.

    2) Ballet Class


    Alternate sides for each exercise. There are no set exercises required for barre, but we are expecting you to present all the traditional exercises:

    • Pliés and port-de-bras
    • Tendus – starting in 5th
    • Battement Jetés or Dégagés – starting in 5th
    • Rond de Jambes – starting in 1st
    • Fondus – starting in 5th (flat or relevé)
    • Frappés
    • Adagio
    • Grand Battement
    Center Work
    • Adagio: 4 phrases of 8 (2 phrases on the right side, 2 phrases on the left side)
    • Petit allegro: 4 phrases of 8 (2 phrases on the right side, 2 phrases on the left side)
    • Pirouette combinations: 2 phrases of 8 (2 phrases on the right side, 2 phrases on the left side)
    • Big jumps, as per the space you have available to work in (sissonne, pas de chat)

    Please do the above exercises to music.

    Please note: pointe is not required for the pre-screening audition, but you are welcome to present your material en pointe.

    3) Modern/Contemporary Class

    No set exercises required. Present warm up exercises, center work including back work, and across the floor combinations.

    4) Prepared Solo

    Each dancer should prepare a 90-second solo – performance in ballet, modern, or contemporary dance to music. Your solo should be filmed in a space without theatrical lighting.

    The solo should demonstrate your artistic and technical qualities. Choreography may be created by you or done by another person.

    Please introduce your dance: title, choreographer, composer and any additional information you wish us to know. Do not submit work that is edited with jump cuts, dissolves, or musical overlays.

    If you are experiencing difficulty in recording your pre-screening video (i.e. not enough space, cannot access a studio etc.), please contact Adriana Pera at adriana.pera@purchase.edu. This will not negatively impact your application.

    5) Supplemental Dance Phrases

    Please view the following ballet and modern/contemporary phrases:

    Prepare and perform these phrases to the music provided below:

    Record your phrases as per the demonstration in the video and submit with your pre-screening video.

    Additional Materials

    All dancers are required to submit the following items via their Admissions Portal when they submit their pre-screening video. Please do not e-mail these materials to the conservatory.

    • Dance Resume
    • One (1) Artistic Letter of Recommendation
    • Dance Photo (an 8 x 10 full body shot)*
      *A professional photo is not required.

    Round 2 Live Online Audition (By Invitation Only)

    If selected, applicants will be invited to sign up for a callback audition during the week of February 1, 2021. Callbacks will take place virtually on February 13, 17, 27, and March 3.

    This audition will take place via Zoom and will happen in real time. Please be sure you consider your time zone when choosing your audition day and time. Purchase College is in New York, which is in the Eastern Standard Time Zone.

    Please do not call the conservatory to schedule an audition. All auditions are scheduled online.

    International applicants: if the pre-determined dates and time for the callbacks are not possible due to time differences, please contact Adriana Pera at adriana.pera@purchase.edu.

    What to Expect During the Callbacks

    This portion of the audition does not have to take place in a studio if you do not access to one, but please be mindful of the safety of the space that you will perform in.

    To the best of your ability, choose a quiet space where you will not be interrupted during the call back audition.

    • Option 1: Present the same 90 second solo that you performed in your pre-screening audition, or present a different solo that you choreograph yourself.

    • Option 2: You have two options: present a real-time, free-form improvisation, or improvising off prompts that the faculty panel will give you in real time. Music is optional. Time limit: no longer than 2 minutes.

    Please note: pointe work is not required as part of the solo, but you are welcome to present a solo en pointe if you choose to.

    The virtual live callback will conclude with a short interview.

    Injury Policy

    If you become injured prior to your scheduled audition date, then you may reschedule your audition for a later date. If your recovery period exceeds the final scheduled audition date (March 3, 2021), then you may be granted an extension by request. Please contact Adriana Pera at adriana.pera@purchase.edu to discuss your options.

    Admission Decisions

    You will be notified of your admission decision three to four weeks after your audition date if your application is complete and you have paid the audition fee.

    For additional information about the Dance BFA program visit the Conservatory of Dance.