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Jewish Studies Lectures

Each year, the Jewish Studies Program sponsors several public events in order to forge connections between the Westchester Jewish community and the undergraduate program.

These events can include:

  • films, often Israeli or international, moderated by faculty members or guest speakers
  • public lectures on topics in history, religion, literature, or philosophy, usually thematically tied to a course
  • lectures relating to Holocaust studies 

Past Events:

  • Mar 12
    Headshot of Prof. Christine Hayes

    Humor and Play in Ancient Rabbinic Literature

    Time:  7:00pm

    In many legends and stories, the Talmudic rabbis depict God in shockingly human terms: the divine being wears tefillin and prays, studies Torah, weeps, makes mistakes, and suffers correction by humans. Were the rabbis just having fun? Or were these anthropomorphic representations of God grounded in a subversive resistance to prevailing Greco-Roman ideas about the divine? This lecture considers the ancient rabbis’ use of humor and play to explore and express the “seriously” distinctive character of Israel’s God.

  • Nov 12
    The Klezmatics

    The Klezmatics

    Time:  3:00pm

    The Klezmatics are globally-renowned world music superstars, playing klezmer steeped in Eastern European Jewish tradition and spirituality mixed with a broad range of eclectic musical influences - music that is wild, mystical, provocative, reflective, and ecstatically danceable.

  • Feb 7
    Rabbi David Bashevkin in Black and White photo

    Fail Better: The Idea of Sin in Jewish Thought

    Time:  7:00pm

    By its very nature, the ideals of religion entail sin and failure. Judaism has its own language and framework for sin that expresses itself both legally, where sin is permissible or mandated, and philosophically, asking the questions - why sin occurs and how does Judaism react to religious crisis. Prof. Bashevkin will weave together biblical and rabbinic studies to reveal a holistic portrait of the notion of sin and failure within Jewish thought.

  • Oct 15
    Yearning and Rejoicing Jewish Studies Event on October 15, 2023

    Yearning and Rejoicing: Jewish Music of the Diaspora

    Time:  3:00pm

    Please join us for a mesmerizing concert of Baroque Sephardic music, where the rich tapestry of history comes alive through enchanting melodies and rhythms.

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