In addition to meeting  General Education requirements and other degree requirements, all new media majors must complete the following requirements (64–70 credits):

Freshman and Sophomore Years (Foundation): 30–31 credits

Students must earn a grade of C+ or higher in each of these courses. Those who earn a grade lower than a C+ must petition the New Media Department to retake the course. To pass NME 2100, students must attain at least a 2.67 (B-) GPA in the foundation courses. In any given semester, students should not enroll in more than three foundation courses and we recommend against taking more than two studio or lab courses.

  • PHO 1100/Introduction to Digital Photography: 4 credits
  • MSA 1050/Introduction to Media Studies: 3 credits
  • NME 1060/Introduction to Sound: 3 credits
  • NME 1160/Design Principles: 4 credits
  • NME 1450/Programming for Visual Artists: 4 credits or MAT 1520/Computer Science I
  • One 2000-level technoculture course (3 credits), chosen from the following or approved by the student’s faculty advisor; it should be taken after MSA 1050 has been successfully completed: – MSA 2235/Computers and Culture – NME 2250/Art and Technology
  • NME 2420/Video Art I: 4 credits
  • NME 2750/Introduction to the Web: 4 credits
  • NME 2100/New Media Advanced Standing: 1 credit

After Passing Advanced Standing

After being accepted for advanced study, requirements are as outlined below. Students must earn a grade of C+ or higher in each of these courses, excluding the senior project.

  • one upper-level history/theory course: 3–4 credits
  • one anthropology/sociology course: 3–4 credits
  • four elective courses chosen for their relevance and applicability to the student’s course of study in new media: 12–16 credits
  • and the synthesis courses, taken in the junior and senior years (16 credits, plus an optional internship):
    • NME 3880/Junior Seminar in New Media: 4 credits
    • NME 3995/Internship in New Media (optional): variable credits
    • NME 4880/Senior Seminar I in New Media: 2 credits
    • NME 4890/Senior Seminar II in New Media: 2 credits
    • SPJ 4990/Senior Project I: 4 credits
    • SPJ 4991/Senior Project II: 4 credits