In addition to meeting General Education requirements, undergraduate music performance majors who concentrate in classical guitar must complete the following conservatory requirements (104 credits). Of the 104 credits, up to 8 credits of music history may be counted toward the liberal arts requirement (30 credits minimum) for the degree.

Freshman Year | Sophomore Year | Junior Year | Senior Year


Freshman Year: 26 credits


Sophomore Year: 31 credits


Junior Year: 28 credits


Senior Year: 19 credits

*Music History Electives (Effective Fall 2020)

MUS 1060/Reflections Western Music
MTH 1560/Introduction to World Music
MTH 2130/Music and Politics, 1800-1950
MTH 3170/Techniques of Composition for Performers
MTH 3400/History of Jazz I
MTH 3450/History of Jazz II
MTH 3520/Disruption and Art Music
MTH 3575/Music from Antiquity
MTH 3576/Music of the Common Practice Era
MTH 3577/Expansion of Chromaticism
MTH 3578/Music Since 1945
MTH 3600/The Music of J. S. Bach
MTH 3620/Music of Beethoven
MTH 3630/Berlioz, Wagner, and Liszt
MTH 3670/Mahler and Strauss
MTH 3680/Shostakovich and The Soviet Era
MTH 4075/Post-Tonal Theory & Analysis
MTH 4120/History of Recorded Music I
MTH 4130/History of Recorded Music II
MTH 4235/Opera Queens: LGBTQ Representation in Opera Onstage and Off
MTH 4340/World Traditions in Music
MUS 4520/Trends in Music in Society

**Ensemble Electives

New courses may be added to this list. Students should check with their faculty advisor to determine if a new course is an appropriate ensemble course.

MPE 1160/Contemporary Ensemble
MPE 1165/Purchase New Music
MPE 1170/Camerata
MPE 1201/Symphony Orchestra
MPE 1245/Soul Voices Ensemble
MPE 1800/Purchase Symphonic Winds