The Composition Committee (which is composed of members of the Composition and Improvisation faculty and the Director) will invite students to join the Composition Concentration (Comp Con) at the end of the fall semester of their sophomore year.

With the judgment of the Comp Con committee, such students will have demonstrated talent in the art of choreography. Minimum prerequisites for the selected students include: successful completion of two semesters of Composition I and the successful completion of the fall semester of Composition II.

Composition Concentration Requirements

Students must meet all General Education requirements, as well as conservatory requirements for graduation. 

Once approved, the Comp. Con. student will:

  • Complete one semester of art history, aesthetics or a course concerned with art making as advised by the composition committee.
  • Maintain a minimum of A in all comp class work.
  • Present two Junior Comp Projects
  • Present two Senior Comp Projects
  •  Participate in an internship with Conservatory of Theater Arts productions