At the end of the 1st year, the ballet faculty invites students who in their judgment, demonstrate potential for a career in classical ballet to join the ballet concentration.

Ballet Concentration Requirements

In addition to meeting  General Education requirements and other degree requirements, all students in the ballet concentration are required to:

  • Take a least five ballet classes in addition to two modern or contemporary classes a week.
  • Audition or sign up for all ballet repertory pieces presented by the Purchase Dance Company.
  • Take pointe and / or Men’s class and partnering classes each semester.
  • Perform en pointe for their Senior Project reparatory pieces (it is strongly encouraged that the Senior Project Composition also be en pointe).

The Ballet Concentration is designed to provide the serious ballet student with the highest level of professional ballet training during the sophomore, junior, and senior year. Approval to continue in Ballet Concentration will be determined at any time by the faculty and will be based upon the student’s work ethic and improvement.

Students may withdraw from the Ballet Concentration at the end of the Sophomore year and return to the performance concentration.