The Conservatory of Dance strives to develop a diverse, stimulating, and inclusive community of artistic excellence. Creativity, versatility, and individuality are central to our mission. Students are encouraged to realize their full potential and to cultivate their unique, artistic visions. We prepare undergraduates to enter the professional dance field and provide them with the tools to create a sustainable and rewarding life in dance. Our internationally recognized program prepares the next generation of leading dance artists to thrive and make meaningful contributions to the rapidly changing dance world.

Tradition and innovation are in conversation in the Conservatory of Dance. Our prominent faculty and acclaimed guest artists offer rigorous professional training in ballet and modern techniques, alongside diverse contemporary dance forms. Our four-year composition program encourages young artists to imagine their individual choreographic voices, while our extensive somatic offerings nurture the whole being. In depth study of improvisation, music, anatomy, production, and dance history provides a comprehensive entrée to the professional dance world.

Criteria for Acceptance:

Admission to the Conservatory of Dance is competitive. Acceptance is based primarily on your dance audition, demonstrating:

  • Extensive prior training in modern, contemporary and/or classical ballet
  • Serious commitment to dance training and a career in the professional dance field
  • Talent and potential as a performer
  • Musicality

Requirements for Graduation

The BFA in Dance is awarded upon the successful completion of course requirements and demonstrated quality of the student’s technical ability and creative initiative. The standard residency requirement in the Conservatory of Dance BFA program is four years (eight semesters), with rare exceptions; the minimum residency requirement is three years (six semesters).

 All students enter the conservatory program in the area of dance performance. Subsequently, they may remain in dance performance or apply for one the following concentrations: ballet, dance composition (choreography), or dance production. Concentrations seek to satisfy a student’s talent, passion, and dedication in a given area. Concentration decisions are approved by the Dance faculty.

Graduation is dependent on the successful completion of course requirements, which include a minimum of 30 liberal arts credits. Students must meet all general degree requirements as well as conservatory requirements for graduation.

Minimum Grade Requirements

Conservatory of Dance students in all concentrations are expected to maintain a grade of C or higher in all required dance courses, excluding the senior project. A student who receives grades of C- or lower for two or more semesters may no longer be eligible for scholarship funds and performance opportunities and may be dismissed from the conservatory.

BFA Concentrations

All students take the same required dance courses in the freshman and sophomore years. At the end of the sophomore year,  students may apply for one of the following concentrations: ballet, dance composition, or dance production. Professional dance credits are awarded on the basis of the student’s consistent artistic growth.

Concentration decisions are approved by the Dance faculty. Sophomore jury results determine a student’s concentration status.

The Training Program

Updated 9.21.21