In addition to meeting general degree requirements, all communications majors must complete the following requirements (35 credits):

  1. COM 1500/Intro to Communication: 4 credits
  2. COM 2010/Group Collaboration: 3 credits
  3. One of the following courses:
    COM 1400/Intro to Video Techniques and Technology: 3 credits
    COM 2050/Intro to Media Writing: 4 credits
  4. COM 3100/Communication Research: 4 credits
  5. COM 3110/Strategic Message Design: 4 credits
  6. Area of Interest: TV Production/ Advertising/ Public Relations: 12 credits
  7. CAP 4800/Senior Capstone: 4 credits

 A minimum grade of C- is required for all classes applied towards major requirements. 

*The list below outlines requirements for communication majors prior to Fall 2018.

  1. Humanities courses (15 credits)
  2. Natural sciences courses, including PSY 3365/Advanced Psychology of Communication (15 credits)
  3. Social sciences courses, including one of the following:
    COM 1500/Introduction to Communication*
    *formerly CMS 1500/Intro. to Mass Media and Communications (through fall 2016)
    MSA 1050/Introduction to Media Studies (15 credits)
  4. Performing and/or visual arts courses (6 credits)
  5. Upper-level courses:
    a. Social sciences courses, including two survey courses on the history or
         sociology of film or other mass media (12 credits)
    b. All in humanities courses or all in natural sciences courses (8 credits)
  6. Communications electives (15 Credits), including the following:
    COM 3100/Communication Research
    COM 3110/Strategic Message Design
  7. General electives (30 credits)
  8. CAP 4800/Senior Capstone (4 credits)

TOTAL:120 credits