As such, the Office of Diversity and Compliance is issuing a Call to Action to the entire college community. As our office begins to facilitate change on our campus, we are asking you to be an ally and partner with us to take action.

With your commitment to work together we can take steps and make strides to encourage and invoke change in our communities; here at Purchase, within our own neighborhoods, and within society as a whole.

In the spirit of change, on our campus, we must unite and systemically move beyond simply not being racist, or bias or discriminatory to being anti-racist and anti-bias.

Actions for Change

As to not lose momentum in seeking change and in response to our Call to Action, here are nine efforts and actions we will be undertaking. The number nine is symbolic as it is in recognition of the almost nine minutes that the ex-officer’s knee was on Mr. George Floyd’s neck, which ultimately caused his death.

This list is not ordered by importance or prioritization and will be taking place now and in the very near future.