Toward the Learning-Centered Community

We strive to develop the practice of a learning-centered institution with high-impact pedagogies. To meet this goal, we are centering on systematic assessment and the purposeful, careful, and deliberate use of the results of those assessments.

Toward Institutional Effectiveness

We are always looking for ways to become a more effective and efficient organization. When things run smoothly for administrators, they run smoothly for students, faculty, and staff. We want to foster a culture of transparency, collaboration, civility, and collegiality.

Toward a Sustainable Community

The time is now to act in meaningful ways that consider our impact on the planet. We at Purchase are called to ensure fiscal, academic, and environmental sustainability.

Toward a Greater Purchase

Ultimately, it is our people who make Purchase College what it is—from the world-class faculty to our inimitable student body—and we are committed to enhancing connections within our community and beyond.