Just like getting your driver’s license for the first time, we have Parking Rules and Regulations that we want to make sure you read to help ensure our campus’s safety.

Registering Your Vehicle

In-Person Registration

To register your vehicle(s) in person, we’ll need you to bring the following:

  1. A current Purchase ID card, or your letter of hire with a valid driver’s license.
  2. Payment for yearly registration fee* for each hangtag purchased. You may register up to three vehicles per hangtag; however, you will need to have a hangtag properly displayed to avoid receiving a parking ticket. You may also purchase additional hangtags for each separate vehicle you would like to register.
  3. Your vehicle’s make, model, and license plate number.

Online Registration

You may also register a vehicle online. Only one vehicle may be registered online, and additional vehicles must be registered in person at the Office of Parking and Transportation in Campus Center North. You may register your vehicle online by logging in through MyHeliotrope. Once logged in, search for “Parking Options” and select it from the dropdown box to access the MyParking page to register your vehicle. 

Once registered online, you will need to pick up your hangtag in person from the Office of Parking and Transportation. 

Annual Registration Fee

*Begins on September 1 and is valid through August 31 of the following year. Parking permits purchased after September 1 will not be prorated and the parking registration fee for Purchase faculty and staff is $16.  All sales are final, no refunds. Accepted forms of payment include Visa, MaserCard, Discover, cash, or check. Please make checks payable to the Purchase College Association. This fee is used to support the operation of the Parking Office.