Use a MetroCard to ride NYC subways and buses, as well as Bee-Line busesUse a MetroCard to ride NYC subways and buses, as well as Bee-Line buses

The Westchester Bee-Line Bus System

Our county’s bus transportation system is known as the “Bee-Line.” The Bee-Line provides bus access throughout Westchester County, with direct service to and from our campus available through the Bee-Line 12. Riders may use MTA MetroCards to ride the Bee-Line, with $10 MetroCards available for sale through the Office of Parking and Transportation in Campus Center North. 

To catch the Bee-Line 12 into White Plains, you may catch the bus as it runs south toward the entrance of the college at any of the stops on Lincoln Avenue; the Commons, Campus Center North, and Campus Center South. 

Find out more about schedules, MetroCards, and trip planning tools by visiting the Bee-Line website.

Metro North Train Stations

Although not formerly a part of the Bee-Line or Westchester County transportation system, the Metro North Railroad provides access to and from New York City. Both the Bee-Line 12 and the White Plains Purchase Loop provide direct access to the transit center in White Plains, where riders can catch a train on the Harlem Line to and from Grand Central