As such, the office provides our diverse and talented student body with living environments that extend learning beyond the studio, classroom, labs, and recital hall. Residents of Purchase College will become connected and engaged leaders who value diversity, lifelong learning, and responsibility. 

Our department’s vision consistently supports the college’s motto Think Wide Open by challenging our students to engage with the college community, embrace collective and individual accountability, learn from and celebrate difference, promote inclusivity campus wide, and maintain integrity and excellence in all they do. 

The Office of Community Engagement’s learning objectives that extend beyond the classroom stems from guiding theories that (inspire / facilitate) our residential engagement curricular approach. Boyer’s Six Principles of Community (1990), Yosso’s Cultural Wealth Model (2005), and Kolb’s Theory of Experiential Learning (1984) are researched theories embedded in our approaches to educating students in a beneficial way. We use these theories as a catalyst in providing insight to increase cultural competence, develop a safe and healthy living community, and program based on the needs of the students to support their holistic development. In conjunction with our guiding theories, our programming model highlights our educational strategies to positively impact our students. Each of our learning outcomes are from a theoretical approach to ensure students are growing, connecting, and learning with their peers and creating a successful experience.