As such, the office provides students with a living environment that extends learning beyond the studio, classroom, and recital hall.

Apparent in the office’s mission logo, the office believes that it is essential for students to learn, connect, and grow while at Purchase College. This vision embodies and supports the college’s motto the Think Wide Open by challenging all students to get involved and engaged on campus, embrace collective and individual accountability, learning from and celebrate difference, and maintain integrity and excellence in all they do.

Guiding the curricular approach to student learning outside the studio, classroom, and recital hall are Baxter-Magolda’ and King’s (2004) Theory of Self-Authorship and Astin’s (1984) Theory of Student Involvement. Central to these theories and the research surrounding them is the positive impact that they exert on the student experience. The educational strategies for the office are informed by these theories and are sequenced to occur at strategic points during the academic year. This approach to education promotes learning from others, connection with others and community, and growth opportunities from the dissonance created through learning.