This following guidelines are intended to ensure a neat work area, which will encourage safe work habits. Each department will be responsible for cleaning up their work area.


  • Keep tools and materials in proper containers.
  • Store trash, waste, and scrap in proper containers.
  • Remove, or bend nails flat to prevent cuts when discarding scrap wood .
  • Store materials safely and ensure a method exists to retrieve them safely.
  • Keep the floor clear of tools, debris, hoses and power cords.
  • Promptly clean floors of dust and wood and metal shavings.
  • Keep walkways clear.
  • Clean up tools and work areas as your job progresses.
  • Keep all material, tools and equipment in a stable position (tied, stacked or chocked) to prevent rolling or falling.
  • Maintain clear access to all work areas.
  • Keep stairways clear of debris.
  • Clean up liquid spills right away.
  • Keep all flammables in approved cabinets.
  • Keep chemical containers closed when not being used.
  • Ensure chemicals are properly stored.
  • Contact the Environmental, Health and Safety department for proper chemical waste removal.
  • Store Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) so that it does not become damaged or contaminated.
  • Place all recyclable materials in the appropriate containers.


  • Aisles, hallways, stairways and exit doors shall not be blocked.
  • Do not block any emergency equipment or electric disconnect switches.
  • A minimum of 36 inches shall be maintained in front of and around electrical boxes and panels, eyewash stations, fire extinguishers, and emergency stops.
  • Stack, store, or spot material so that it can be reached readily by workers and material-handling equipment.

No job is complete until the area has been cleaned up!