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Liz Cuminale

Finding your Passion

Liz Cuminale ’24 is a rising senior from Rochester majoring in Printmaking. When asked how they’ve been spending their time, they exclaim, “I’ve been doing a lot of work!” Liz is no stranger to hard work and long nights, but affirms that Printmaking is both their field of study and what they love doing.

Choosing Purchase

While they were applying to colleges, Liz chose Purchase because it’s got the best of both worlds: it’s close to New York City’s big museums, shows, and fast-paced culture, but is far enough from the city that there’s plenty of green. They don’t plan on living in the NYC area long term, but are happy that they’re living here at the right time, as they put it.

Printmaking first entered Liz’s life in high school, when they took a month-long arts course in visual arts through the New York State Summer School of the Arts, or NYSSSA. They were placed in both printmaking and fiber arts classes, but printmaking made a lasting impression.

When Liz came to Purchase, they initially applied as a Graphic Design major, but as they took their Foundation Year courses, their interests changed:

“If you don’t like it, that makes you not really the best at it, and it’s really important to study things you love.”

Going through their foundational year—when Freshman Visual Arts majors take classes in every offered discipline—Liz rediscovered their passion for Printmaking, and was impressed by the size and scope of the Printmaking shop.

“Our printmaking shop is literally the Willy Wonka Factory of printmaking! The shop is massive.”

Liz says, especially since Printmaking isn’t always given the same quality of facilities and resources that other visual arts programs get.

“It’s a great place to be a Printmaking major.”

One of the aspects of Purchase life that Liz loves is pulling all-nighters with their friends. They recall helping friend print a huge work of art during finals. By the end of the night, Liz and their friend had created a 40-foot-long print. While it’s admittedly intense, Liz emphasizes that those late nights have been some of the best bonding experiences, especially when everyone is up late to do things that they love.

Outside the Classroom

Liz also loves the Purchase music scene, particularly the campus venue and student center, the Stood. Now that things are opening back up after COVID shut-downs, the Stood is really bouncing back, and students are utilizing the spaces available to them again. Specifically, Liz is excited to work at Mount Olympus, the silk-screening space in the Stood. This upcoming year, they’ll be Mount Olympus’ new director.

Besides the VA and the Stood, Liz’s favorite place to hang out is on the forest trails we have on campus. Nothing too intense, they say, but they’re great places to walk around, and there are some great places for hammocking: “It’s nice that we have actual trees!”

Speaking to incoming Freshmen, Liz says that ultimately, the most important thing is to study something that you’re into.

“If you’re not studying something you love,” they say, “you’re kinda being robbed of a big experience.” In other words, don’t settle for something that’ll drive you nuts during your all-nighters.


*Quotes edited for grammar and clarity.