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Caitly Dominici

A focus on mental health and well-being

Caitly Dominici ’24 brings a passion for mental health advocacy in all aspects of her time here on campus.

As a psychology major and sociology minor, Caitly has focused on applying her academic interests toward all aspects of her time here at Purchase College. Her focus and passion are reflected in her work as a mentor as well as her day to day interactions with the campus community. 

Campus Hot Spots:

Caitly’s regular activities keep her engaged and keep her schedule full. There are three distinct areas on campus that continually support her mind, body and soul .

The gym is one such place that she values for physical benefits as it, “serves as a health separation and escape from the classroom,” whereas the library acts as her home-base, “especially during periods of heightened stress such as mid-terms or final exam week.”

The Great Lawn is a favorite spot for Caitly that she frequents regularly for campus events and functions. You can commonly find her having a picnic or resting and enjoying the scenery on campus as well! 

Faculty Inspired:

Caitly attributes her academic and personal strides in large part to the impact various faculty have left on her within the Psychology division. She asserts that faculty are amazing at what they do and have helped shape her into the student she currently is. Caitly states that Professor Carolyn Cates has served as a guiding force in terms of mentorship.

Equally influential, Professors Yanine Hess and Meagan Curtis have also provided sound guidance and support as she navigates her academic journey. In fact, Professor Hess had initially written a recommendation letter for Caitly to be considered for the Inaugural SUNY Scholarship.

Leaving her Mark:

Caitly will leave Purchase with multiple accomplishments under her belt. Most notably, her Inaugural SUNY Scholarship celebrates Caitly’s efforts and accomplishments- she the only student to receive this honor at Purchase College!

She hopes her success will encourage future students to follow the example she has set in her role as a Peer Mentor for the Merit Access Program (MAP) since her Sophomore year. She has helped to guide many students and is optimistic that these efforts will motivate students to continue to ‘pay it forward’ to the next generation.

Caitly also sees her success as recognition for the wide range of opportunity and possibility across all disciplines in the college, particularly those within the School of Liberal Arts. 

Life After Purchase:

After graduating this year, Caitly plans to take a gap year to gain ‘real world’ experience with research in the field of psychology before moving to a graduate school program. Her intention is to study childhood and adolescent clinical psychology.

After graduate school, she intends to work towards creating her own private practice. Caitly’s ultimate goal is to establish a non-profit organization to help people of color and low-income neighborhoods that lack access to certain resources that will aide in mental health and wellness.


*Quotes edited for grammar and clarity.