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Myles Windbush-Soules

Knowing Where He Belongs

Myles Windbush-Soules began his journey at Purchase College in the fall of 2020 as a Theatre and Performance major, but he knew in his heart he was meant for another path.

An aspiring actor since 8th grade, he’d heard of Purchase from other students who had graduated from his high school and came back to share their stories. Inspired by their experiences and at the recommendation of a favorite teacher, Myles applied to the Acting BFA program in 2020.

“Everybody that I admired in high school, and then my theatre teacher who I really respect talked about Purchase College—and my theatre teacher taught me everything I knew—so that’s what initially drew me to Purchase.”

However, Myles’ journey proved a bit unconventional. He did not get accepted to the Acting program on his first try. He enrolled instead as a Theatre and Performance major and resolved to audition again for the Acting BFA program the following year.

In that time, he also applied to be an RA on campus, started to pursue his passion for photography (shout out to Campus Technology Services for lending him some professional grade equipment), and even cut hair for other students when he had a minute.

His plan worked. He auditioned again and this time learned he would join the Acting BFA program in fall 2021.

Inside the Acting, BFA

In his acting career, Myles has been working hard on refining his technique and mindset as an actor. His first show, Back County Crimes by Lanie Robertson, was particularly challenging.

“The whole year I was struggling to be emotionally available on stage. That’s been a thing for me my whole life, but showing that side of me was something that made me feel very vulnerable,” he says.

“And of course, [Lecturer of Acting] Leon Addison Brown says, ‘You know what? We’re gonna make you cry, every night, for five nights in front of everybody.’ And it was great! And in that process, you learn to let go.”

From his first semester in the program, Myles has been constantly challenged and his faculty, specifically Leon Addison Brown and Margret Surovell, who he says have had the most impact on his education so far.

Through unique assignments and classwork, like a mimic project on James Baldwin, they’ve helped him become a better actor and refine his understanding of the art form in ways that he never would have thought possible.

Myles still has a few years before he has to tackle his selection of scenes for his senior project as an acting student. In the meantime, he’s making the most of his time here, both in the classroom and out.

He has some advice for students who are thinking of coming to Purchase. 

“Be open and dive in. [College] is only going to work if you accept it. Be intentional with yourself, for yourself. Your path is your own, so make your choice.”


*Quotes edited for grammar and clarity.